What you should know about your Chamber:
Answers to the frequently asked questions are below.                                                                    

Questions about Events:
 What does CNB stand for?                                      
 CNB stands for Chamber Networking Breakfast.
 These breakfasts are held every second Wednesday of each month at various
 member locations.  
 Each attendee gives a 30 second introduction with networking taking place before &
 after the introductions.

 What does ABLE Luncheon stand for?  
 ABLE stands for Active Business Leads Exchange.
 Our Chamber works with five other area Chambers to offer a larger
 networking opportunity to our members.
 Lunch is held at different locations on Tuesdays twice a month.
 Guests are welcomed.

 What is the format for the CNB breakfasts?  
 Gather at 7:00 a.m. Breakfast is at 7:15 a.m. Speaker at 7:45 a.m.
 Attendees' introductions at 8:00 a.m. Network from 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.

 Who can give a 30 second introduction at the CNB breakfasts?
 All attendees are permitted to give a 30 second introduction on
 themselves, their company, and what they can offer their clients.

 Who can give a 30 second introduction at the ABLE Luncheons?  
 One person from each company if they are a member of one of the
 Chambers participating are permitted to give a 30 second introduction.

 What are the two major events the Chamber holds each year?

 Awards Dinner (Winter) and Golf Outing (Summer).

 What is the best way to register for Chamber events?

 Through the Upcoming Events tab on the website.

Questions about the Chamber Members:

 Approximately how many members belong to the Chamber?

 Do you have to have your business in Oak Creek or
 Franklin to be a member of the Chamber?
 No. If you would like to do business with anyone in the Oak Creek,
 Franklin, or surrounding communities, you should be a member of
 the Chamber.

 What is the basic demographic of the Chamber members?

 33% of our members are from Oak Creek,
 33% of our members are from Franklin,
 33% of our members are from the surrounding communities.

 What type of Membership does the Chamber offer?

 Entrepreneurs, Large Companies, and everything in between.

 What is the cost of membership based on?

 The number of full-time-equivalent employees that work for
 the company

Questions about Advertising:

 How do I find out all of the advertising opportunities
 available to me as a Chamber Member?

 Using the top navigation bar of the website, click on Your Chamber,
 then click on Advertising Opportunities on the drop down bar.
 What is the cost of obtaining the Excel Spreadsheet of our
 Membership Directory?

 The Excel Spreadsheet costs $250 for non-members and is FREE
 for members.
 What are the two components most Chamber members are
 looking for when they join the Chamber?

 Business Networking and Advertising opportunities.

Questions about the Board of Directors:

 Are Board Members elected, nominated, or          
 Board Members are nominated by others or by
 Then the Chamber members are given ballots to submit
 their votes.
 In rare cases, when a Board member steps down, the
 President can appoint someone with Board approval.

 What terms do the Board members serve?

 Board Members serve for two fiscal years,
 March through February.
 How many Staff members are at the Chamber?

 1 and 3/4.

Other Questions:

 When do I pay my Dues Renewal?        
 Dues are based on an anniversary date of
 when the Company joined the Chamber.
 Are Hot Deals & Job Postings free?

 Yes. This is a benefit of membership.
 Hot Deals must be available to the
 general public.
 A coupon can be printed that can be
 brought to the company.